Hive | Design Studio Furniture cuffaro 2009

The hive workstation is a piece of furniture intended for students, artists or designers working in a studio environment, specifically in the new facilities at The Cleveland Institute of Art. It combines a work surface with a display or privacy wall into a single easy to move unit. When used in multiples it is designed to enable many studio configurations. The aesthetic contrasts the cold materials and rectilinear nature of the building design. It is designed to be locally manufactured from materials harvested from locally deconstructed buildings.


Product Exploration cuffaro 2006

This set of outdoor furniture incorporates an ice chest and retractable umbrella (designed by Matt Swinton). Other features include condiment shelf (doubles as ice chest lid), metal surface (with magnetic placemats), ambient lighting and tilting chairs. The material choices were intended to introduce new material pallets to the current product line, which was primarily resin-driven. renderings by Drew Johnson

H+C Table cuffaro 2008

This child’s computer table is designed for flat-pack shipping and is primarily made from reclaimed wood. Steel supports allow customization with magnets. The aesthetic is intended to compliment contemporary home decor.